Past Department Commanders (Deceased)

Past Department Commanders (Deceased)


1919*Jackson Arnold, Weston                    1920*E.H. Smith, Fairmont

1921*J.B. Nickerson, Wheeling                  1922*A. Edmiston, Jr., Weston

1923*Spiller Hicks, Bluefield                     1924*R.E. O’Connor, Elkins

1925*J.H. MCGinnis, Beckley                     1926*A.G. Yates, Grafton

1927*R.B. McDougle, Parkersburg            1928*A.E. Haan, Huntington

1929*S.C. Morris, Clarksburg                     1930*J.A. Duff, Martinsburg

1931*L.A. Johnson, Clarksburg                  1932*J.H. Thornton, Sistersville

1933*H.S. Pownall, Moorefield                  1934*H.S. Ellis, Huntington

1935*C.L. Smith, St. Albans                        1936*W.G. Stathers, Clarksburg

1937*C.E. Booth, Huntington                     1938*F.W. Turner, Charleston

1939*W.E. Nefflen, Keyser                         1940*F.B. Poling, Philippi

1941*R.C. Hall, Elkins..                               1942*R.H. Patterson, Wellsburg

1943*Heatherington, Clarksburg               1944*T.H. MCGovran, Charleston

1945*P.E. Kercheval, Kingwood                1946*R.C. Burg, Piedmont

1947*E.L. Jones, Wheeling                          1948*W.R. Fugitt, Beckley

1949*D.R. Wilson, Clarksburg                   1950*Walker Long, Huntington

1951*Frank Everhart, Kingwood               1952*Tommy E. Jones, Beckley

1953*Harry W. Miller, Fayetteville           1954*Gaujot Bias, Williamson

1955* L.O. Bickel, Fairmont                        1956*Chester Phillips, Elkins

1957*E.D. Hardman, Charleston                1958*W. Dewey Mentz, Welch

1959*Lincoln Cox, Kirby                               1960*Bonn Brown, Elkins

1961*Robert Lester, St. Albans                   1962*Jack R. Adams, Wheeling

1963*Chester M. Matney, Welch                1964 *H. Paige Bell, Parkersburg

1965*Isaac Mayfield, Bridgeport               1966*William T. Black, Bartley

1967*Richard Davies,Morgantown           1968*John A. Jones, Weirton

1969*Charles A. Kuhn, Fairmont               1970*Thomas Malloy, Parkersburg

1971* J. H.

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West Virginia Boys and Girls State Citizens Honored

Each year The State Journal partners with The EQT Foundation to honor exceptional students throughout the State of West Virginia. This year, four graduates from The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State (ALMBS) and six graduates from The American Legion Auxiliary Rhododendron Girls State (ALARGS) were honored.

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2022-2023 District Vice Commanders

The following individuals have been elected as a District Vice Commander.

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2022-2023 District Commanders

The following individuals have been elected as a District Commander.

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ALMBS and ALARGS Participants Excel

CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2011 State Journal EQT Students of Excellence: Joshua M. Childs (Morgantown High School), Stephen M. Ferguson (Phillip Barbour High School), Austin L. Hickman (Huntington High School), Vincenzo J. Pizzuti (Brooke High School), Adriane M. Rine (Tyler Consolidated High School), and Cameron C. Viney (Elkins High School). These six individuals listed that they were a member of The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State or The American Legion Auxiliary Rhododendron Girls State.

We would like to congratulate them on their achievements and wish them well in their adventures in life. We hope that they keep in contact with our programs, and we are proud to have been apart of their High School experience. As a State Journal EQT Student of Excellence, each of these individuals received a $1,000 scholarship towards their higher education.

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