Section A Oratorical Contest

The Section A Oratorical Contest is scheduled for February 10, 2024. Makeup date February 17th 2024 . Location and time TBA

Section A Oratorical Chair-person Robin Shingleton – 304-641-6343

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The Oral History Project

Postcards and e-mails received by American Legion Members:

The information will be used for The Oral History Project. It is NOT a scam.

The company collects information to publish in a book and each member will have the opportunity to

purchase a book with their individual story included, along with photos.

It is a fundraiser for the Department of West Virginia.

The company has a one-time use of the mailing list, approved by National Headquarters.

Any questions, you may contact Department Headquarters.

Thank you,
The American Legion
Department of West Virginia

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The American Legion, Department of West Virginia

E-mail address:

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2023-2024 American Legion Riders Chapters

2023-2024 American Legion Rider Chapters in West Virginia

Wheeling Post 1 Legion Riders

Director: Jeff Spry

Assistant Director: John Powell

Sgt.-At-Arms: Kevin Spry

Road Captain: Michael Stillwell

Secretary/Treasurer:  Michelle Powell

Chaplain: Bobb Giesler

Riley-Vest Post 9 Riders

Director: James “Ray” Stump

Sgt.-At-Arms – Richard Woods

Secretary/Treasurer – Brian Krabbe

Road Captain – Phil Bevins

Martinsburg American Legion Riders Martinsburg Post 14 Chapter

Director: Vacant

Vice Director: Tom Smith

Secretary: Ken Lesher

Treasurer: Jack Lauer

Chaplain: Brian Gano

Sgt.-At-Arms: Brian Tolstyka

Membership: Matt Campbell

Historian: Gerald Kauffman

American Legion Parkersburg Post 15 Legion Riders

Director: Lee Starcher; E-mail:

Assistant Director: Paige Hardesty;

Secretary & Treasurer: Donna Starcher; E-mail:

Sgt.-At-Arms: John Knight; E-mail:

Chaplain & Road Captain: Rod Lemley; E-mail:

Historian: Dean Archer; E-mail:

American Legion Charleston Post 20 Legion Riders

Director: Vacant

Assistant Director: Vacant

Secretary: Tracy Cooper

Treasurer:  Christina Davis

Sgt.-At-Arms: Kimberly Evans

Road Captain: Mathew Monaco

American Legion Riders Point Pleasant Post 23

Meetings are held 2nd Tuesday  of each month 7:00 p.m. Post 23

Director: David McBeath,

Assistant Director: Kim Hope

Sgt.-At-Arms: Rusty See

Road Captain: Tim Roush

Treasurer: Craig Collins

Secretary: Laura Herdman

Historian: Greg Hill

American Legion Riders

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Past Department Commanders (Deceased)

Past Department Commanders (Deceased)


1919*Jackson Arnold, Weston                    1920*E.H. Smith, Fairmont

1921*J.B. Nickerson, Wheeling                  1922*A. Edmiston, Jr., Weston

1923*Spiller Hicks, Bluefield                     1924*R.E. O’Connor, Elkins

1925*J.H. MCGinnis, Beckley                     1926*A.G. Yates, Grafton

1927*R.B. McDougle, Parkersburg            1928*A.E. Haan, Huntington

1929*S.C. Morris, Clarksburg                     1930*J.A. Duff, Martinsburg

1931*L.A. Johnson, Clarksburg                  1932*J.H. Thornton, Sistersville

1933*H.S. Pownall, Moorefield                  1934*H.S. Ellis, Huntington

1935*C.L. Smith, St. Albans                        1936*W.G. Stathers, Clarksburg

1937*C.E. Booth, Huntington                     1938*F.W. Turner, Charleston

1939*W.E. Nefflen, Keyser                         1940*F.B. Poling, Philippi

1941*R.C. Hall, Elkins..                               1942*R.H. Patterson, Wellsburg

1943*Heatherington, Clarksburg               1944*T.H. MCGovran, Charleston

1945*P.E. Kercheval, Kingwood                1946*R.C. Burg, Piedmont

1947*E.L. Jones, Wheeling                          1948*W.R. Fugitt, Beckley

1949*D.R. Wilson, Clarksburg                   1950*Walker Long, Huntington

1951*Frank Everhart, Kingwood               1952*Tommy E. Jones, Beckley

1953*Harry W. Miller, Fayetteville           1954*Gaujot Bias, Williamson

1955* L.O. Bickel, Fairmont                        1956*Chester Phillips, Elkins

1957*E.D. Hardman, Charleston                1958*W. Dewey Mentz, Welch

1959*Lincoln Cox, Kirby                               1960*Bonn Brown, Elkins

1961*Robert Lester, St. Albans                   1962*Jack R. Adams, Wheeling

1963*Chester M. Matney, Welch                1964 *H. Paige Bell, Parkersburg

1965*Isaac Mayfield, Bridgeport               1966*William T. Black, Bartley

1967*Richard Davies,Morgantown           1968*John A. Jones, Weirton

1969*Charles A. Kuhn, Fairmont               1970*Thomas Malloy, Parkersburg

1971* J. H.

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